Purslane – Portulaca oleracea

Use purslane raw or cooked, like any other leafy green in your recipes. The flavor is mild to sweet and slightly
acidic. Nutritionally purslane contains omega-3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin C, several B vitamins, calcium,
magnesium, potassium, and high levels of vitamin A compared to other leafy greens. Purslane contains a lot
of water, so is good as part of your daily hydration.

Cut and packaged: 150g – all our packaged purslane has been washed, however we advise you wash again
prior to use if you intend to consume it raw.

Purslane plants: Purslane makes a lovely addition to hanging baskets or in a tall pot.


1.25 kg


90 x 60 x 90 cm


Relaxed fit shirt-style dress with a rugged


Black, Blue, Orange


S, M, L